About TopRCM

TopRCM started with a coffee conversation. Yes, we know that might sound a little cliche, but many good things start over coffee. We were having an impromptu discussion with a very old client, who happened to mention how agonizing it is for a Practice to choose an EMR - and how crucial it is in the success of the practice. EMR is one of the many software/services a healthcare practice needs in order to function. Followed by Practice management software, clearinghouses, credit card processing technology, Medical Billing and Coding Services, Value-based care, Compliance, IT setup, and management, this list goes on and on.

It made me think, how can I help? 

How can I reduce the number of steps, google searches, phone calls, failed meetings a practice have to bear through before they actually find their perfect Software / Service?  How can we help everyone reach the TOP of their potential?

I am a marketing professional, and this is what I love. And TopRCM is my answer.

Every practice, hospital, and community center has its own unique set of requirements. Similarly, every EMR / software has its USP. The right pairing depends on how closely the requirements are met. Newer practices tend to crumble under the weight of costly software and services because they rely on what was shown to them - Best in Class. But often, the best in class might not be best for you.

TopRCM.com helps you choose your own best. We have taken our time and carefully categorized software by the specialty they serve, their focus industry, details on their pricing models, deployment, and some honest customer reviews to top it all off.

But we don’t just stop at EMRs, we are working very hard in putting together a list of Medical Billing, Medical Coding Service providers, Call Center Softwares, Telemedicine software, and so much more.

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