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Revenue Cycle Management is the system that determines the financial success of a healthcare practice. It includes but is not limited to “Medical Billing” as there are multiple administrative tasks such as collection, payer contracting, credentialing, enrollments reporting, compliance, data analytics, meaningful reports and to also prep for various incentive schemes under value-based programs for CMS quality efforts. All of these affect the revenue stream of a medical practice and hence needs to be managed, and this holistically management is what’s known as Revenue Cycle Management. We at TopRCM have created a list of companies providing RCM services and helping providers identify opportunities to improve cash flow and mitigate any risks in the existing RCM process.

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Nextech’s specialty-focused technology solutions are personalized to meet the unique workflow requirements of specialty providers, helping practices increase efficiencies across their clinical, administrative, financial, and marketing functions.

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We develop innovative, customizable tools for documentation, Population Health, Patient Engagement, and Revenue Cycle Management.

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athenahealth is a leading provider of network-enabled services for electronic health records (EHR), revenue cycle management and medical billing, patient engagement, care coordination, and population health management, as well as Epocrates and other

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Medphine is a comprehensive and innovative provider of competent Revenue Cycle Management services to a wide range of healthcare providers of USA.

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EHR, financial, and HIE solutions for hospitals, health systems, physician practices, and other healthcare organizations, Interoperability, Connectivity, Ambulatory, and RCM.

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AnnexMed offers best-in-class revenue cycle management services, powered by a unique combination of people, process and technology. We combine unparalled subject matter expertise and innovative workflows to deliver the highest revenue results

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Kareo is the only cloud-based and complete medical technology platform purpose-built to meet the unique needs of independent practices.

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HaleMind Inc. is a Chicago-based start-up innovating in healthcare technology. We founded the company on the simple belief that personal engagement is the medicine for a healthy life. We help individuals manage and share with healthcare providers.

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